Tracey Edelstein is an Art Director/Graphic Designer with over 10 years in the food and beverage industry. Elevating brands to their highest potential is always the inspiration behind my work. Primarily focusing on print media, I have worked on marketing/advertising campaigns, promotions, POS, outdoor, identity, cross-platform media and basically anything else that comes my way. The bulk of my experience has been at NYC advertising/marketing agencies, where my creative work is completed from concept to production. I am a hands-on creative and take control of projects, working closely with production, vendors, outside talent and clients to ensure the best results. In addition to my print work, I have extensive experience photo art directing and have enjoyed working with tremendous talent creating unique food photography.

Besides my working at agencies, I have had extensive experience working with NYC non-profits and organizations creating unique creative for their fundraising events. Non-profits require a different approach to traditional client branding and I handle their accounts as an all-in-one creative force. Being creative is only half the equation, as these clients demand convenience, consulting and compassion.

The best part of being creative is well… always getting to be creative. I have never stopped learning and exploring and my illustrations and cookies are just a part of that process. I believe being creative is a lifestyle and sometimes if you’re really, really lucky, it could be your job too.


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